Monday, November 26, 2012

Models, Models, Models

If you're into fashion and want to know all about the world of models and even get to know your favorite models better, you should check out Modelinia.  It's all models all the time.   Friends of mine created this website, which also has a free app so you can take it on the go, now fashion fans have a designated place to learn all about what's happening in the world of fashion and behind the scenes. 

There's a section on Beauty where models like Candice Swanepoel and
Adriana Lima share their secrets and tips. 

The Lifestyle section has videos like Sessilee Lopez showing fun things to do in the Dominican Republic, and the Fashion section has articles & videos to help you finesse your fashion sense.  And I particularly love the Model TwitPic of the Week section. Candid shots from models like Heidi Klum having an elegant dinner with friend Desiree Gruber after the AMAs. 
Subscribe to the website, download the app and get your daily dose of super models.  You'll even see me as a contributor every once in a while.  Now, you better work!!! 

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