Monday, October 29, 2012

Makeup Monday - False Eyelash Tip

False eyelashes are more popular than ever, though they are not always easy to apply on yourself.  Here is a tip on how to make applying a false eyelash strip to yourself easy.

After choosing the lash you want to enhance your desired look, cut the lash into sections and put them back in the order of the uncut lash so you know which eye and what part of the eye they should be placed.

Now apply one section at a time.  You can customize the fit to your eyelid size and shape for the most comfortable & best look.   You can also avoid having the eyelash buckle like it often does when applying the strip in one piece.

I went with a cat-eye liner in this picture but there are lashes of every shape, size and color out there so you can create your own desired look from natural to dramatic.  Here are some more tips from my friend & fellow makeup artist Taylor Chang-Babaian.   Have fun!!

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