Thursday, September 20, 2012

When You Have To Draw the Line; Eyeliner That Is!!

Striking, graphic liner can instantly elevate your look from casual to glam in a matter of moments, but knowing what liner to pick can be a daunting task. Winged or “cat-eye” liner looks require practice and a steady hand, but with the right product can be easy to master even if you're not Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe!
 We love the myraid of liner options available from Essence Cosmetics (also featured in our Tween makeup post!) for their range of formulas, long wear, and budget-friendly price (everything is around or under $5!)  Available at Ulta Cosmetic stores and online ( you can try a few different liners as you decide which look is right for you.

Here are our favorites:

- “I Love Glam” powder liner & shadow - this easy-to-use powder kohl liner creates smoky, sultry eyes in a snap.  Since the effect is soft rather than hard-edged, this liner is perfect for beginners who are unsure of their ability to create that crisp “flick” of liner at the outer corner that we all covet.  This product can also be used over other liners to smoke out the look for even more drama!  A pro tip: dust translucent powder under the eye before applying, as this formula tends to fall onto the cheeks while applying!

- Super-fine Liner pen - for the more adventurous, Essences offers a range of felt-tip liner pens to satisfy makeup calligraphers!  We like the super-fine pen for its precision application, and long-wearing, inky blackness.  This pen allows you to customize your look from a thin tight line, to a more dramatic sweep.  Pro tip: dot the tip of the pen between lashes to thicken the look of the lashline!

- Gel eyeliner pots - this liner comes in a range of colors to experiment with, and has a creamy gel formula that glides on smoothly.  This formula does require a brush to apply, and we recommend a synthetic bristle, angle head liner brush to create the perfect line.  We especially liked the metallic gunmetal grey option that would look amazing on every skin tone, bringing out the color of the eye, yet still being soft enough to wear during the day.

Whatever formula you pick, these liners create drama without breaking the bank!

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