Friday, September 28, 2012

Scaling Down for Carry On

Traveling today is definitely not easy.  Everything takes longer and with all of the TSA restrictions regarding liquids it has changed the way we travel.  Being a makeup artist and hairstylist it's nearly impossible to pack a kit that I can carry on.  Today I have succeeded at achieving the nearly impossible task.  I'm traveling to Toronto today with Cindy Crawford and because I know her so well and the type of looks we will be doing I was able to take my already scaled down kit and make it into my mini travel kit.

This is an example of the liquids I would normally take to work with Cindy:
 And with some creativity and a selection of great little bottles and pots I was able to make it into this  which fits perfectly into the TSA required quart size baggy.
So make it easier on yourself.  There are so many options now for mini travel containers and keep your makeup and hair routine to classic minimum.  I did my shopping at Nigel Beauty Emporium, they have an amazing selection.  Thanks Nigel !!!

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