Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On-the-Go Face Savers!

Every makeup bag needs a few skin-saving goodies stashed in with the shadows and glosses.  Any girl who’s forgotten to wash her face at night and has woken up to a minor breakout as a consequence appreciates the ease of of a great facial cleansing wipe! YestoCucumbers skin soothing facial towelettes not only cleanse the skin, they also remove every trace of your makeup without the need for water.  In addition, these little beauties leave behind skin-nourishing, organic ingredients like Aloe Vera for moisture, Green Tea to promote circulation, and Cucumber to soothe redness.

Cruelty-free, and recyclable, these towelettes are also perfect for a post-workout freshen-up, for girls and guys alike!  Toss a resealable packet of these in your bag, and you’re set!

Best of all - these can be found at most major drugstores and discount retailers! 

PS.....I keep mine in the refrigerator for an extra cool punch!

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