Friday, September 14, 2012

Makeup treats for Tweens

Tweens love color and exploring new and fun looks, but are often too young to appreciate finer cosmetics, and need help in selecting the right look.  How often have you seen a young girl with too much eyeliner, or garish lip color?  Having a hand in guiding their purchases often makes all the difference in the world.

Essence Cosmetics offer cruelty-free choices at affordable prices for the tween set.  From their brushes to shadow palettes, all the products are priced at only a couple dollars per product.

Easy splurges for young makeup artists include: fun and useful brushes (with cool purple bristles!), eye shadow palettes “Sun Club” (in great basic neutrals, and easy-to-wear trendy colors), mini-lip gloss sets, and a hot color-change gloss “Tint-It!”that promises the perfect pink lip based on your individual Ph.

Let your young artist explore her love of beauty with age-appropriate tools and products!   There is even a cool community you can join to learn and share all your makeup dreams. 

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