Wednesday, August 29, 2012

No Hassle Lashes!!

I'm so excited to share with you a fantastic innovative lash technique that will give you fabulous lashes with no hassle weeks at a time.   LashDip is expert level, artistry grade service performed by a certified technician.  I'm lucky to be friends with the senior educator and technician, Laurel Carraway, and have enjoyed the benefit of her talents.  She is a master lash extensionist, makeup artist, and brow specialist. Her attention to the eyes makes her a standout in her field.

LashDip can be applied to bare lashes or over lash extensions and inserts, and offers waterproof, sweat-proof, smudge-free results.  It enhances your natural lashes by offering superior separation, velvet-y blackness and lasting curl.  LashDip is safe for all, with NO damage to the lashes when applied correctly, including those with allergies, delicate lashes due to chemotherapy, and pregnant/nursing mothers.

As you'll see in the video, Laurel gives me a natural and beautiful look without appearing overdone or artificial. (However it can be customized if you desire an ultra-glam aesthetic!)  This time-saver will revolutionize your makeup routine and you'll love waking up effortlessly gorgeous every day.


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