Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My Vacation Beauty Treatment

On my Mediterranean vacation I didn't do many touristy things or beauty treatments. Most of our time on shore was spent shopping and experiencing incredible food & wine.

However, while in Greece I did experience one Turkish beauty treatment and it involves fish!  The first time I ever heard of this was watching a Jessica Simpson around the world beauty treatment special.  I thought it was bizarre then and after my experience, which you'll see (embarrassing!!), my mind was not changed.

I also have a disclaimer to my video, it's my first experience at editing so please be forgiving as you watch what I think is a funny, embarrassing and less than stellar video work of my Garra rufa (Doctor Fish) experience.  *Caution: watch your ears, there may or may not be some screaming.

Please enjoy and have a laugh, it's on me!

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