Monday, August 6, 2012

My Tan Needed a Last Minute Pick Me UP!!

Hi Everyone and happy August!!

As you know I recently came back from a wonderful Mediterranean vacation.   (I will share pictures and experiences soon)   One of the souvenirs I brought back was  a nice tan, not too much though since I only sun bathed one day and protected my skin with great SPFs.  Still in vacation mode and wanting to wear a cute little skirt to work one morning,  I looked down at my legs and they were fading fast.

Not to worry, I had a few extra minutes so I reached for my Victoria's Secret BeachSexy Tinted Self Tan Body Spray.   This is a spray tan in a can!!

It's very easy to apply but here's my tip for an even smoother looking tan:

To lessen the chance of streaks or blotches spray in sections.  I use a powder puff
after spraying to smooth out the area.  I do this until I have all my skin tanned and the depth of color I desire.   *But remember this is a "self-tanner",  so besides getting an  instant gratification tan, it will continue to develop over the next few hours.

I was able to leave the house feeling extra confident and like my legs were freshly sun-kissed!!


NOTE:   You can get powder puffs at most drug stores like Walgreens and also at Sephora.

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