Friday, August 10, 2012

Do It Yourself--Nail Cocktail !!

Now that you've witnessed my fish pedicure, it's time to pretty up the nails for fall.  What better way to do that than by taking advantage of one of falls hottest trends; nail art!   Doing it yourself is easier than ever with Nailtini.  I created my lipstick collection with Tini Beauty, but the company also offers amazing nail products.  They are fashion forward and on the cutting edge of all the latest trends.

The companies "cocktail" concept allows your inner artist the avenue to create a masterpiece on your nails.  The products are meant to be layered and combined to create innovative and endless effects with their fun & whimsical approach.

Check out this very extensive yet comprehensive tutorial on Ombre Nail Art.

Step 1: Prepare everything you need before you begin your ombré: here we have the two colors (Grappa - purple, and Admiral Perry - cobalt blue) we'll be cocktailing to create our ombré effect, a great base and topcoat, Cocktail Napkins nailpolish remover wipes, and a few makeup sponges.  Remember to protect your work surface before beginning to paint!

 Step 2: Start by applying your favorite base coat.  We're using Nailtini's Simple Syrup - a great start to fill in ridges on the nail surface and to add "stick" to the nail to keep the polish from chipping.

Step 3: Apply the first color to the entire nail and let dry.


 Step 4: Paint two stripes of color - your starting color and the color you want to fade into the nail bed onto your makeup sponge.  Put the base color closest to the tip of the sponge.

5: Begin to stipple the color onto the tip of the nail using the  sponge and continue until you have the ombré blend desired.

Step 6:   The texture of the polish may be a little rough due to the stipple, and you'll likely have to clean up the skin a bit, but already it's looking good! 

 Step 7:  Use your favorite clear topcoat - we're using Nailtini's Dry Gin fast-dry topcoat.  This will smooth out texture and further blend the ombré effect.

Step 8:  Use a little nailpolish remover to clean up any smudging left by your stippling - we love Nailtini's Cocktail Napkins remover squares!

Final Step:   The finished effect is glamorous, glossy, and on-trend!

I hope you enjoyed this information, have fun painting!

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