Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sephora Brushes Galore!

I've had Sephora Pro Brushes in my kit for years. I am SUCH a fan of them. They are great in quality and style. Knowing this now, you can only imagine my excitement and little-girl-happiness to see a large package from Sephora. Once I looked inside I knew my life was just about to get a whole lot better. I received the new collection! These new brushes pride themselves on having hand-cut bristles, customized density and elongated handles for perfect looks every time.

These brushes are an absolute dream and there is literally a brush for every single one of your makeup needs. From big round ones for blush to tiny flat tipped ones for eye makeup, Sephora's new collection of pro brushes has something...and everything for everyone!

One of my favorite things about getting this new collection was to see the amazing innovation that Sephora has come up with for storing and preserving the brushes. As you can see in the photo below, each brush came with an incredibly handy dandy plastic protector cap. How perfect is that? No more ruined brushes at the bottom of my makeup kit, or stray brush bristles around the house. Well done Sephora!

While all of the brushes and protectors were inventive and useful, I thought I'd show you in a short little movie what makes one brush the absolute most exciting in the pack! Click on the image below to experience the Sephora brushes and my lovely voice.

These brushes are definitely a great buy and a good value!

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