Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's All Natural in Greece!

On my recent travels through Greece we did lots of shopping and browsing.  I had to pop into various pharmacies to see what they had on the shelves.  There was a product that I recognized and actually own, come to find out it originates in Greece.

KORRES, Greece's fastest-growing natural skincare company. 
Greece is home to an abundance of native flora—over 5,000 varieties of plants and herbs, including 1,200 indigenous species.
Centuries ago, Greeks discovered the medicinal value of some of their native flora and began to explore their use as natural healing remedies.
Two decades ago, George Korres, pursuing his passion for natural homeopathic remedies, embarked on a journey that within a few years led to the founding of the KORRES brand.

You can learn more about KORRES here and it is available at Sephora.   I haven't tried a lot of their products yet, but one of my favs is their Lip Butter and my top color picks are Pomegranate & Plum.  Velvety smooth on the lips and a lovely sheer pop of color, check it out!!

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