Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun with Evercolor Shadow Sticks!!!

I was recently introduced to Mally Beauty products and I found an eyeshadow pencil that is a must have, the Evercolor Shadow Stick.  It comes in 20+ colors and they are easy to use.  The results are fantastic!! 

I've done a demo here of a look I used on Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum recently, who has some of the prettiest eyes I've ever worked on.  I enhanced them and two pencils is all it took!   I used the colors Dusk and Gunmetal to achieve this sultry seductive eye.

 No matter which color or colors you choose to use, this will be one of the easiest sexiest eyes you've ever created.  Here's what I did:

1)   Applied "Dusk" (a mauve plum color) to the upper lid from inside corner to almost the outer corner.  Also under bottom lashes from inside corner out to about the same distance as the upper.   Don't worry about drawing a perfect line, you'll take care of blending in step 3.

2)  Using "Gunmetal" on the out side corner of the upper lid draw a sideways "V"
(like this > ) and fill in the outside corner of the under lashes. 

3)  Now blend.  Use a small brush with somewhat sturdy hairs and smudge into a smooth shape.  You decide if it will be a rounded corner or a "cat eye" shape like I did.

There should be no (or very little clean up) but it's always a good idea to have some Q-tips standing by. 

Voilà !!

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