Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Love Affair With INGLOT

Look out world, there's a new make-up line in town...INGLOT!

I have completely fallen in love with this incredibly colorful line when I was on a quick mission to pick up more Kevin Murphy Hair Products. As I wandered down the aisles looking for my desired hair care line, I was completely distracted by the vibrant and rich colors that appeared all around Nigels Beauty Emporium. The mesmerizing pigments were too beautiful to pass up. I had to learn more!

A quick shot of all my INGLOT treasures!

After a lot of research (probably too much) I discovered that INGLOT isn't something that just came out of thin air, it's been a thriving cosmetics company in Europe and Australia for 25 years. Based in Poland, INGLOT is finally taking to the States with their products being featured in Macy's, specialty stores and a couple of their own flagship boutiques.

What I love about INGLOT is the fact that the colors are fun and vibrant throughout every type of product they sell. Whether it's an eye shadow, a cream liner or a nail polish, the pigments stay as intense as you want them to be. The quality of INGLOT is high end mixed with a dangerously affordable price point.

My collection is growing faster than I can count!

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