Monday, April 30, 2012

Order Another Round of Liptini's!

Is there anything better than a good long lasting lipstick?

I can't really think of anything either!

Thankfully I have teamed up with the fabulous team at Liptini to create a series of five truly stunning lipsticks that can last through even the meanest of meals or close-ups.  Each shade (complete with an adorable name) not only looks fantastic, but is full of great ingredients such as pomegranate, green tea butters and aloe vera for a smooth and moisturizing application as well.

Are you a person who thinks they can't pull off lipstick? I bet with one of these shades I can prove you wrong!

Flirtini -- Rich, pale caramel
Tickled Pink -- Effervescent petal pink
Starlet Cocktail -- Riveting deep berry
Glamour Girl -- Lush Cocoa Brown

Vampire Kiss -- Classic siren red

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