Monday, November 30, 2009

Makeover Monday: Goes to College

Girls aren't the only ones who benefit from makeovers!!!

This is my nephew Aaron, a handsome and charismatic guy.
Well, when the life of dorm living, classes & RA duties don't get the best of him. Yes he can get a haircut anytime, however he only wants me to touch his locks, which my ego loves. It had been several months since the last time we got together and to tell you the truth I didn't feel like working over the Thanksgiving Holiday, and then he walked in!!!!
So in celebration of his birthday and plane ol just loving an extreme makeover we went for it. A great classic men's haircut with some texturizing, so it can be worn tousled or neat, and a clean shave. I let him do the shaving, but before I sent him for a rendezvous with his razor, I buzzed off the majority of facial hair. This is recommended to make the shave easier with less risk of nicks and ingrown hairs. I also advised him to use a hot towel compress after a his shower to really prep the skin for a close shave.
And the results are fantastic!!!


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