Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday: Decadent Chocolate

Because my schedule has been very hectic and I 've been traveling so much, I decided that I needed a quick pick me up . I decided to dive into the world of Do It Yourself hair color rather than going to the salon.

As I was paroozing the shelves, The New Decadent Chocolate from L'Oreal really captured my eyes-- and not because i was hungry. I love having a rich shiny iridescent hair color. I came home and proceeded with my mission.
I always knew that these hair colors were easy to mix.

However, finding a dye with such beautiful coverage was a pleasant surprise and a great relief. I used 4SM and I have to say that it was as if I just went and spent $100 to get my color done professionally. I highly recommend this product. I myself am stocking up because a girl never wants to miss out on a good thing.

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