Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recap Wednesday: What I did in the last week!

Whew, just catching my breath from a very busy and exciting week. I was with my dear friend, Cindy Crawford, in Dallas for a day at the JCPenney headquarters. Then we were off to Tampa for Rooms To Go press and autograph signing. I love these trips because not only do I get to hang with one of the most beautiful women in the world, I get to meet incredible people at each stop. All the ladies I speak to are so excited to ask me for makeup tips or stories about working with Cindy and I love sharing. The best part for me now is I can help them look and feel better themselves with my new Perfect Pretty Process DVD "The Polished Look". Let's just say the news went over big because I ran out of business cards!!

Since returning from the trip I have been very busy getting ready for my upcoming Westfield Mall Style Tour by Modelinia. I will be teaching makeup techniques and giving tips at fabulous Malls. Maybe I'll even get a little personal shopping time!

My main message to women is to make time for yourself to be your best self. So I took my own advise and treated myself to a shiatsu massage last night, boy was it good!!! After a great night's sleep I am ready to pack for my next trip. Yes, I'm leaving again....tomorrow I will go to Detroit with Cindy for Art Van's 50th Anniverssary celebration, and then I will have 4 hour turn around to go back to the airport to go work with Marisa Miller.

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Until next time.....

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