Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Recap Wednesday: New York Fashion Week

Every year around this time, all eyes go to Bryant Park for New York's Fashion Week. Everyone is looking to spot the next hot designer like Jason Wu, see what established designers like Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein have marked as the new trends as well as take a look at the best beauty trends for the new year.

The truth is, everything seems to repeat itself and when done in the right fashion can be pulled off. Here are a few rules that every woman should consider before taking on a look from the runway.

1) Inspiration over duplication. After a 10 year hiatus, Fran├žois Nars marked his return to the fashion runway in a larger than life way by leading the makeup direction for Marc Jacobs’ Autumn/Winter 2009 show. The looks were 80’s inspired and absolutely phenomenal! When taking on a look like this, one thing to note is that 80's inspired doesn't necessarily mean 80's duplication. Sometimes a subtle hint at 80's makeup is better than an overdone dramatization (think natural blush to add a little drama rather than the infamous 80's racing stripes.)

2) Find your own look. Sticking with the 80's theme, if the look doesn't fit your career and lifestyle, then you probably don't want to use it. (i.e.- 80's makeup probably won't work for you if you work in a corporate job.) Nevertheless, there are many looks from the runway this fall; dramatic lips, smokey eyes, fresh face, etc. Find a look that fits your own unique personality!

3) Don't be afraid to experiment There are so many looks from the runway to be inspired by. Try something new! It's the only way to know what works for you.

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