Monday, September 7, 2009

Makeover Monday: Happy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone is able to take some time today and enjoy one of the last great days of summer. And as Labor Day was approaching, it made me think about the number one rule associated with the holiday: "DO NOT WEAR WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY."

Living in California, I've always been at odds with this. You see the rule stems from the fact that white reflects light and heat, thus wearing white keeps you cooler in the heat. In a place like Southern California, that rule doesn't really make much sense, as SoCal almost always has amazing weather throughout the year.

So the next time someone marks you as a fashion faux paus for wearing white after Labor Day, you can let them know that some rules can be broken.... for the right reasons.

P.S.- Be sure to tune in next Monday as I explore the new fall beauty trends from New York's runway.

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