Monday, July 20, 2009

Makeover Monday: The Perfect Pretty Process in Living Color

Today's beauty tip is to spice up your daily routine. A little color can go a long way and can still be natural and gorgeous. The main rule is to blend!

On this model's eyes I used a combination of a smoky sky blue and a sherbert green eyeshadow. Makeup Forever has a wide variety of colors to choose from.

To get this look, you are going to use the clean sweep method. Take your sherbert green and sweep it across your eyelid from your inner corner to your outer corner, from your lash line to your crease line. 

With the smoky sky blue, while looking straight into the mirror, you are going to apply color above the crease line from inner corner to your outer corner. 

Soften the top edge of the blue so that the color fades away. Be sure to take the blue along the top lash line, when you get to the top outer corner connect to the bottom outer corner. 

On the bottom, apply the green where the blue stops and all the way to the inside corner. Again, make sure that you blend the colors to soften the look so that you are left with no harsh lines.

Finish with mascara, and voila... natural in living color.

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