Friday, June 5, 2009

Fabulous Fridays: kre-at beauty Eyelashes

Today I want to spread some news about my friend Taylor Babaian. Taylor is a fabulous makeup artist with an equally fabulous eyelash brand, kre-at beauty.

"kre-at beauty launched during the awards season in January 2009. Taylor gave away lashes to her fellow celebrity makeup artists, and all of Hollywood was a buzz. kre-at beauty was all over the red carpet, t.v. and magazines. Celebrities including Jenna Fischer, Nicolette Sheridan, Paula Abdul, LeAnn Rimes, Melissa George and Golden Globe winner Sally Hawkins have been seen wearing them."

I had lunch with Taylor a few days ago and she had some amazing makeup tips about applying eyelashes that I'd like to share:

Tip #1: Try cutting lashes in sections for an easier application

Tip #2: Use tweezers to apply lashes (This allows for an easier/more detailed application)

Tip #3: Put lashes on last. Yes, AFTER you curl and apply mascara

Hope this makes your Friday more fabulous.

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