Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wedding Day Makeup Tips

In anticpation of tomorrow's event at David's Bridal in Costa Mesa, I wanted to offer 3 quick wedding day make up tips:

1) Lighting is Everything- Natural Light is the best source, especially if you're having a daytime wedding. If possible, set up your makeup station near a window. If you're low on natural light, you can compensate with any bright lights in the room. For the bride who wants the best, get the perfect lighted makeup mirror and vanity from Vanity Girl Hollywood.

2) Blending is A Must- For a Picture Perfect Look, make sure to spend extra time blending your makeup, especially the foundation line around your jaw. Cheeks should look naturally blushed and no hard edges on your eyeliner or your eye shadow.

3) Be Prepared for Anything- Have a touch up kit. Make sure that your kit includes powder, lip color, tissue, and I also recommend that either you or your maid-of-honor carry clear nail polish- in case you get a run in your stockings, safety pins-just in case, and a straw is always a good idea to ensure longer lasting lip color.

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