Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Wedding day approaching faster than you expected and you don’t have a makeup artist yet? Not to worry. Here are a few tips on choosing the right makeup artist for your special day.

Do a wedding makeup practice session. Schedule the makeup rehearsal a few weeks before your wedding day so that you and your makeup artist can discuss and “try on” the look you envision. Be sure to tell the makeup artist the cut and color of your dress and how you’ll wear your hair. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, let your makeup artist know.

Coordinate wedding day makeup and hair. If possible, do a trial run for your hair on the same day you are having your makeup rehearsal. This will put you at ease, ensuring the vision you have will be the reality on your wedding day. If the hair stylist and makeup artist are from the same company, all the better because they are used to working together.

It’s your day, your wedding makeup. Your makeup artist should listen to your ideas and desires while guiding you to the best choices. If the end result is a look you are displeased with, let the artist know. Makeup washes off and is easily fixed. As a professional, your wedding makeup artist’s foremost goal is to make you happy so communicate your opinions.

Book in advance. Good makeup professionals are busy. Once you’ve chosen the person you want to do your wedding makeup, reserve the date and time as soon as possible.

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