Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Make Up Tips

I am often approached by everyday women with very "different" beauty questions. However, some times these questions are not as odd as they each may think. Here are a few everyday tips that any woman can use that are both practical as they are beautiful:

Where’s the perfect place to apply blush- For a modern look, you want to enhance a natural looking glow with your blush. This is best achieved by applying blush to the apple of your cheek. I suggest using a proper blush brush and I’m especially fond of an angled blush brush. First begin by looking in the mirror; smiling at yourself and say, “I’m pretty.” Take your brush, tapping off the excess product. I like to use a half circle and a sea motion application, this is different than a circular motion. With the combination of this technique and the perfect brush it will be easy to have a blended natural looking glow.

Getting the most out of your eye pencil- Apply your eye pencil near your lash line and don’t worry too much about having the perfect line. Now take an eye liner brush of a clean eye shadow brush and go across the top edge of the pencil, softening and smudging the line creating amore beautiful enhancement to your eye. Next, take a asimiliar colored eyes hadow or a translucent powder and dust it across your newly smudged pencil line. By using this technique, you will not only have a prettier look, but a longer wearing liner.

Mascara- As you know, I’m a big fan of makeup enhancing your natural beauty, and not conquering your face. I recently attended an event where I saw what not to do with makeup. A young girl with nothing but mascara on her face, and I mean LOTS of mascara--so much that her lashes didn’t looked like lashes, they looked like spider legs. This completely overshadowed her natural beauty. My suggestion to her was to balance out the whole look of her makeup and in respect to the mascara, apply one coat, and if you feel the need for 2 coats, make sure to comb through your lashes while the first application of mascara is still wet and then apply the second coat. This technique will give you the lash drama you want without taking over your face.

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