Monday, April 27, 2009

byu-ti= Beauty

I have the great pleasure of meeting so many different people from all walks of life, and trying amazing new beauty products. I have recently found a salon in Santa Monica, CA that offers something very special. Natasha Sunshine is the owner of byu-ti hair therapy. Natasha’s goal is to offer her clientele more than just the normal salon experience by taking extra time to learn about each guests hair, from their scalp to their ends. The goal here is getting your hair as healthy as possible, from their custom blends of treatment to the staff’s product knowledge. I recently went in to treat my locks to some nourishment and the stylists mixed up a few key ingredients to add strength to my hair, it smelled good, and then I sat under this cool contraption that sort of looked like an old fashioned hair dryer but was actually a micro-mister, What the micro-mister does is steam your hair, allowing the heat to open up your hair cuticles which then allows the product to treat the hair and then closes the hair with a cool blast of air. It was an awesome experience, customer care is stellar, and there is a manicurist on hand that offers a complimentary hand massage or make the most of your time and have a full blown manicure while under the micro mister. So check out byu-ti .

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