Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Makeup Show LA

A few weeks ago I attended The Makeup Show LA and came across some really great products that I want to share with my readers. Over the years, one of the things that I have found as a consensus among women is the dreaded clump from mascaras. So you can imagine my joy when I found this precious gem known as Lash Control at the show. It comes in different formulas that do everything it promises: elongating, volumizing, or leaving you with softer, feathery lashes- not to mention the hands-on design of the tube. You see, there's a silicon gel in the middle of the tube that you squeeze on when you pull out the brush--so you don't get excess clump on the brush.

Another jewel comes from organic beauty company Korres.  They have this amazing Pomegranate Lip Butter that leaves your lips feeling so soft and smooth, you'll want to do more to help the planet...as well beautifying yourself in a more natural way.

Last, but not least is a really fun eyeshadow palette that comes from Numeric Proof. The palette has a great assortment of colors that range from natural hues to bright colors.

It's always so exciting to find new products that I love and can add to the P3 roster. I'm still trying out some other new products that were sent to me, and I'm especially excited to try out the eye pencils from the Jemma Kidd Makeup School.  

Check back for more product reviews and fun times with celebs.

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