Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Independent Spirit Awards

It's a busy weekend here in Los Angeles. Celebrities going to the Spirit Awards, pre-Oscar parties and on Sunday the Academy Awards themselves.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with Laura Dern. I've known Laura for several years, she's a good friend and an amazing actress. Since the Spirit Awards are a daytime event and at the beach we decided that Laura's hair would be good in a beachy curly wave, ala Gisele Bundchen. I've done this type of hair style before! The hair style looks great on Laura. Her make up was natural and pretty with emphasis on the eyes so her baby blues would stand out and sparkle. It was a fun morning of girl time, cosmetics and curling irons.

Oh did I mention that Laura's date was Sheryl Crow?!! Laura has wanted me to meet Sheryl for quite awhile and yesterday was the day. Sheryl was wearing the coolest skirt and Laura was sporting a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress. The two talented beauties are sure to get the attention of the cameras while having fun since they are BFF's. It's all in a days work here in Hollywood!!!

Stay tuned for an Oscar update on Monday. I will be spending time with Victoria's Secret for a pre-Oscar fashion show and a couple others that will be attending the In Style and Vanity Fair parties.

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