Thursday, July 10, 2008

RECOUNT with Laura Dern

I spent a few days doing press with my friend Laura Dern for her new movie "RECOUNT" on HBO. If you haven't seen it yet, you should. I am not that into the whole political thing, yet this movie did get my juices flowing. I learned a lot more about what happened back in 2000 with the Florida ballot fiasco. The performances in this movie are outstanding. Laura is transformed into Kathrine Harris, who was at the time the Secretary of State. Kevin Spacey and Denis Leary are just two of the other brilliant actors in this, but really everyone, even the actors that you might not know that only have a few lines are amazing.

Because Laura was playing a character that was very specific as far as the look of hair, makeup and wardrobe, she was very excited to be back to her soft, pretty, femine self for the press. I styled her with a nice blow dry so that it looked natural and had movement. Laura has great hair, so it was easy. And for her makeup, we kept it simple; Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, Velvet and Powderset for skin, P3 Cashmere Eye Shadow Quad to play up her baby blues and a "Secret" lip gloss from Victoria's Secret's Very Sexy line.

See Recount before November on HBO, and come back to Secrets of a Celebrity Makeup Artist again soon.

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