Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bridgette Wilson-Sampras Barilla Spokesperson Talks About Helping Kids Eat Healthier

I went on a whirl-wind trip to the Big Apple with my friend Bridgette Wison-Sampras.

We had so much fun, starting on the shortest 6 hour flight, because we didn't stop talking or eating the whole time. Flying first class is awesome.

We have been friends for many years though we never get enough girl time due to our busy lives. Bridgette is the mother of 2 adorable boys and the wife of tennis great Pete Sampras. She is also a very talented actress. You can see her later this year in the film "Phantom Punch." For Bridgette, family always comes first. That's why she wanted to team up with Barilla Pasta and Scholastica to help spread the word that family time around the dinner table is very important.

So back to our flight, we started with a toast to our friendship and then continued with appetizers and entrees. We didn't even watch a movie as time was better spent catching up.

After we landed there was just enough time to check into our hotel and go on a field trip to Wholefoods. This was the biggest and busiest Wholefoods we had ever seen. We wish they would open one like that in Los Angeles. Then we got our selves to bed because we had an early start the next morning.

Now it's early morning in NY and we're on LA time, this is never easy, but the show must go on. I beautified my already beautiful friend and then we were off for a day of visiting various TV studios. The day started off with a bang when I got a great surprise at the Good Morning America Now studio. Dr. Oz, you know from Oprah fame, was the guest on before Bridgette. This was a huge treat because I think he's amazing and I wasn't disappointed. He is as handsome, charismatic and nice as you think he is and want him to be. Now, I don't usually ask people to take a picture with me (well except for my clients), but I couldn't resist this opportunity.

At the end of our work day we headed back to the airport. It was time for more catching up and getting home to our families.

Ahhh, life is Delicioso!!!!

Ciao for now,


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